When painting a ceiling you want a bright, dead flat white finish with no side sheen and outstandingcoverage to ensure that any defects or variation in the stopping or plaster finishing of the ceiling are not visible at a low angle illumination.

To get the brightest white, the lowest side-sheen and the highest coverage, formulating techniques are used that result in an open grained porous film that is difficult to clean and inconsistent when tinted.

A258 Duralon Ceiling White is not tint strength controlled and so cannot consistently reproduce a selected tinted colour.

The low gloss porous nature of a ceiling paint means that it has poor resistance to mould growth and discolouration in damp or service areas. As a result we do not recommend the use of A258 Duralon Ceiling White in Kitchens, Laundries or Bathrooms. Instead we recommend the use of our A306 Imperlon Acrylic Enamel Satin in these wet areas.

Cleaning of the ceiling paint is also compromised by the formulating techniques used to achieve the maximum whiteness and lack of side sheen. Any attempt to clean by wiping or scrubbing will result in some paint appearing on the cloth and a shiny patch on the ceiling where the cleaning was attempted.

For cleaning of fly spots and similar organic residue on A258 Duralon Ceiling White finished surfaces, spray on a diluted solution of household bleach with a trigger spray atomiser. Typically a dilution of one part bleach, such as Janola®, to four parts water is effective. Spray the solution on with a fine mist spray from the trigger atomiser and allow to dry. Do not attempt to wipe or scrub the surface.

If a washable surface is required or a coloured ceiling is preferred please use a premium quality matt cleanable wall paint such as A318 Duravelvet Matt but please note that if products of this type are used in preference to a specifically formulated ceiling paint, the finish will not be as flat or white, dry film coverage will not be as good and any variation in the stopping or plaster finishing on the ceiling will become more apparent.


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