Protective Paints are proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated and have been since opening in 1968. We formulate and manufacture quality products for New Zealand conditions, from our water based and resin production site in Onehunga and our solvent production site and head office in East Tamaki. We have two laboratories on each site, one for research and development and the other for quality assurance, run by our technical service staff and chemists. In total, we employ around 40 staff across the country.

We manufacture polyurethane resins, hardeners, prepolymers and moisture curing floor coatings in a reactor at our Onehunga site. Also at this site is a reactor for water based emulsion polymers. In this reactor, we produce PVA emulsions for use as paint resins and adhesives, PVA/acrylic polymer, styrene acrylic and 100% acrylic emulsions for use as paint resins. At our East Tamaki site we produce solvent based enamels, spray finishes, anti-corrosive, marine, industrial and heavy duty along with other specialised coatings. We are the only paint manufacturing company in New Zealand with our own resin production facilities.

A point of difference for us at Protective Paints is that we go above and beyond for our customers. Our highly experienced technical and sales team, work continuously with our customers to save them time and money. As part of our service we often spend time immersed in our customer’s business, observing their processes and machinery and talking to staff on the ground level in order to fully understand their business, enabling us to create specific products for them, unique to their environment.

Here are some examples of our customer’s unique environments that we have produced product for: 

  • Electrostatic anti-corrosive paint line for pipe coatings
  • Automatic high-speed spray paint line for coating weather boards
  • Automatic vacuum coating line for waterproofing timber
  • Marine coatings and ship maintenance
  • Heavy duty coatings for industrial components


Our Policy Statement

It is the policy of Protective Paints to plan, resource and manufacture competitively, using reliably sourced products and services, whilst recognising that this performance may be the basis of our customer’s success in the market. Quality objectives are implemented and monitored against, to ensure customer satisfaction and the continual development of our Quality Management System. We are committed to comply with all requirements pertaining to our Quality Management System.


Quality Assurance

We operate on a quality system and were ISO accredited from 1995. In September 2010, we decided to operate our own internal Quality System based around ISO 9001.